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Taurean Trade was born from a desire to ground in; to return to the knowledge of those that came before us. Founder Em Romano is an artist and designer who studied both at the University of San Francisco. Her specialty is working with brands to tell a story through their visuals, finding a balance between tactile, imperfect art techniques and a refined, sophisticated design process. After three years as a Chief Creative Officer in the tech scene, a desire to return back to her roots led Em to found Taurean Trade. 


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Taurean Trade has a wandering heart. The small design company is run nomadically, working with teams around the world both in person and remotely. Always inspired by new places, people, and cultures, the work produced from this global office tangibly maintains the soul of adventure and exploration from which it is created. 


This love for tradition and travel has inspired plans for of Taurean Trade to be more than just a design company. It is a place for stories. Stories of successes and failures, of lessons and learnings. There is so much to explore with creators from around the world, pulling in the knowledge of different lineages of craft and trade. Follow along the journey if you'd like.


Taurean Trade is a home for creative inspiration, musings, and collaboration. We'd love to connect.